My  LahnajärviWonderland is situated   in the middle of  two main cities in Finland; the capital Helsinki and the western seacity Turku.

My  little “farm” consists of 6 hectares  land and includes several  wooden  buildings (just waiting for renovation), cottage, a big barn and stable, two saunas and a summercottage  ashore a small pond.

I am working as a service manager in Salo in SSKKY (= a monster of words; Salo region educational federation of municipalities!!)
Before  I used to work as an executive housekeeper for 20 years in hotels in Helsinki.

Persian cats and catshows  I have been interested in since  year 1990. In 2004  I  became an international judge in category I and just recently I received Fifes permission to start my studies in category IV, so we`ll see whats happening  in cat judging…
As You can see from my breedchoices I love extremities: either short cobby and nice open expression  or  looong, slender and tapering with huge ears!

My  cattery name Beefeaters  sounded funny twenty years ago (nowadays I would  think twice): - my favourite drinks trademark  for a vegetarian breeding  carnivores.

I have bred some litters, mainly colourpoints, but it  certainly not is my main idea while having these wonderful furry friends. As we used to say in our Persian club:
Persians are the Rolls Royces of the cat world; gorgeous look  with lovely personality!


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