“But the cat,
only the cat
turned out finished,
and proud
born in a state of total completion,
it sticks to itself  and knows exactly what it wants. “

- Pablo Neruda –



My-Champagne Princess Victoria

PER n 22

”A Gift from Heaven!”

Anjelikatz Blue Heaven  

PER a 33


Marylands Ride To a Kiss

PER f 22, born. 25.07.2010

Sometimes Your dreams come true……


Precious Divine Madness, JW 

PER n 22, born 8.12.2008

She really is perfect and she really knows it!

Thank You Marika&Pauli



GIC Pirayas Words of Love, JW

PER n 22, born 25.08.2005

Worlds most beautiful Sofia!
Thank You Pia!


Sinihuiskan BB

PER n 33, born 11.04.2005

Sweet little himmy-girl; still knows what she wants!


IC Champagnes Gilda

PER f, born 22.07.2003

Fears nothing; Here I come, life!


CH & GIP Fajesa Emperor

EXO n 21 33, born 20.05.2000

Garanteed Fajesa-quality; if not on my lap then eating!


Fajesa Caramello 

PER b, born 9.6.2007

Chocolate heart; Diivas best friend and teaser


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